ONdigital Run Versions

Lines in italic are suspected to exist but have not been confirmed.
Lines without special formatting have been referenced by third parties but not confirmed.
Lines in bold have been confirmed to exist by physical or photographic evidence.
Version numbers containing links have pictures or videos demonstrating their existence.

Some dates may not be precisely accurate due to unavailability of specific information relating to each version and differences between internal release dates versus arrival on viewers’ receivers.

Version List

Unknown00 07 03 04
Unknown00 07 03 06 (DBR-T200GB/Mediamaster 9850T manuals)
Unknown00 07 03 07
Unknown00 07 03 08
Unknown00 07 03 0a
Unknown00 07 03 0b
Unknown00 07 03 0c
Unknown00 07 03 0e – Final version?
Unknown00 07 03 22 (DTX6372 manual)
Unknown43 31 01 01 (iDTV+CAM, possibly duplicated in Run Update)


Some portions sourced from http://www.jaura.freeserve.co.uk/ (via Archive.org).