1997, October (Online Offer) (Pricing)

A online deal by Sky providing a receiver and dish with free installation for £50 (2019 adjustment: £92) when a full all-channel Sky subscription is purchased for a minimum term of 6 months at £29.99 (2019 adjustment: £55) per month. This offer was featured on the Sky website, was published September 1997 (observed in an archive snapshot from 15th of October 1997), and has an offer expiry date of 31st of December 1997.

£29.99 per month (2019 adjustment: £55) and
£49.99 (2019 adjustment: £92) receiver purchase:
Full premium Sky package

Extra may be charged for more involved installation requirements.
Unspecified rental account fee is required for new rental customers.
Offer not available to existing Sky customers, new customers subject to a one-off £12 (2019 adjustment: £22) connection fee.

Source: http://www.sky.co.uk:80/skytv/subscription/index.htm (via Wayback Machine)

Full package details appear to be missing, but given the price of £29.99 it likely most closely resembles the “4 Premium Channels and the Sky Multi-Channels Package” tier as shown in pricing details for July 1998. In earlier pricing tiers such as Mid 1997, the highest tier is £26.99.
Some channel changes were made between late 1997 and mid 1998 however, so the specific contents of the package are unclear.