1996, June (Granada Offer) (Pricing)

A phone order exclusive deal by Sky and Granada to include free installation and optional equipment rental. This offer featured in a Sky promo video dated June 1996 with an offer expiry date of 30th of September 1996.

Purchase scheme:
£9.99 per month (2019 adjustment: £19) and
£99.99 (2019 adjustment: £189) receiver purchase:
Sky Multi-Channels:

Rental scheme:
£15.98 per month (2019 adjustment: £22.50):
Sky Multi-Channels (see above) plus:
Rental of a “top brand satellite system” and service cover from Granada.

Both packages include £50 installation fee waiver.

In both packages, equipment may have been previously rented out.
If a larger dish is required for purchased installations an extra £20 is added and for either type of installation extra may be charged for more involved installation requirements.
Unspecified rental account fee is required for new rental customers.
Offer not available to existing Sky customers, new customers subject to a one-off £10 (2019 adjustment: £19) connection fee.

Source: Sky TV Promo, (June ’96) (YouTube)