1996 May

1996 May 10

Campaign Live reports that BSkyB have announced plans to start a digital service in 1997 and that they are in talks to work with Virgin (a decade prior to Virgin Media cable services) and the BBC on satellite services. Also noted is the conclusion of an agreement with SES for provision of satellite capacity.

BSkyB has confirmed that it will unveil a tranche of digital television
services in the UK in the autumn of 1997 and is in talks with the Virgin
Group about the launch of Virgin-branded satellite channels.


1996 August

1996 August 24

The Independent reports that Rupert Murdoch intends to introduce 200 digital TV channels in 1997 alongside internet access (potentially via satellite) and interactive portals to services such as shopping and banking. Sky are said to be working with BT to develop this technology, and several banks are interested in participating, including Barclays and the Co-Operative Bank.

Rupert Murdoch yesterday announced multi-million pound plans to introduce 200 digital television channels in the UK next year, offering subscribers Internet access, home shopping and banking, and as many as 60 channels dedicated to pay-per-view movies and sport.

The project – now under development at BSkyB’s Osterley headquarters in west London and at a state-of-the-art customer service centre in Scotland – is due to be launched in the final months of 1997, and will supplement Sky’s existing analogue subscriber base of 5.5 million customers.