Sky Digibox OS Versions

Lines in italic are suspected to exist but have not been confirmed.
Lines without special formatting have been referenced by third parties but not confirmed.
Lines in bold have been confirmed to exist by physical or photographic evidence.
Version numbers containing links have videos demonstrating their operation.

Some dates may not be precisely accurate due to unavailability of specific information relating to each version and differences between internal release dates versus arrival on viewers’ receivers.

Version List

DateSky DigiboxSky+SkyHDSky+HDSkyQ
<01 Oct 19981.2.0b7
Shipped to retail?
02 Oct 19981.2.0b8
Dec 19981.2.0ba/1.20.0ba?
Apr/May 19991.20.bE
Rolled back
until May/June
Aug 19991.2S1B7
Nov 19991.2S1B8
Jan 20001.2S1Bg
July 20001.2S3Bu
May 20011.2S4Ba
Aug 20011.2S4Bc
Nov 2001?1.2S4Be
Nov 2001?1.2S4E1
Aug 20021.2S4Bj
Nov 20021.2S4Bp1.3.0b7
Dec 20021.2S4Bp
Aug 20031.2S4Bq
Dec 20031.3.0BF
Apr 20041.2S4F1
May 20041.2S4F3
Apr 20041.2S4F9
Aug 20041.31A08/1.31A8?
Feb 2006?1.2S4FE
Aug 20051.31A0E
Oct 20051.31A0G
Apr 20061.31A0K
Jun 20061.31B00
Sep 20061.2S4FH
Feb 20071.31B02
Jun 20071.31B03
Mar 20081.2S4FI
Jul 20081.31B06
Nov 20081.31B07
Dec 20081.2S4FJ
Apr 20091.32B12
Feb 20101.31B10
Mar 20101.2S4FM
Dec 20101.31B11

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