Sky Digibox EPG Versions

Lines in italic are suspected to exist but have not been confirmed.
Lines without special formatting have been referenced by third parties but not confirmed.
Lines in bold have been confirmed to exist by physical or photographic evidence.
Version numbers containing links have videos demonstrating their operation.

Some dates may not be precisely accurate due to unavailability of specific information relating to each version and differences between internal release dates versus arrival on viewers’ receivers.

Version List

DateSky DigiboxSky+SkyHDSky+HDSkyQ
<01 Oct 19982.1.17a
Shipped to retail? (2200)
02 Oct 19982.1.19b
First post-launch update
Dec 98/Jan 99?2.1.20
Mar 19992.1.20.2
Apr 19992.2.0.2
Late Jul 19992.5.9
Initial Open… support
Aug 19992.5.10
Sep 19992.5.12
29 Jan 20002.6a.9
18 Jul 20002.6b.10
01 Oct 20002.7a.2
May 20012.7ba.3
May 2001?2.7bb.5
First dark blue EPG
Sep 2001Sky+1.17.a?
Sky+1.17.b? Shipped to retail?

First post-launch update
Sep/Oct 20012.7bb.9
Oct 2001Sky+1.21.a
Dec 20012.8bSky+1.22.j
Jul 2002Sky+1.23.k
Aug 20023.0.11
Sep 20023.0.12
Nov 20023.1a.5Sky+1.24.i1
Dec 20023.1a.6
Dec 2003Sky+1.26.v2
Mar 20043.2.11
Jul 2004Sky+1.28.d
Apr 20053.3a.6
May 20053.10.q
Aug 20053.3b.5
First light blue EPG
First light blue Sky+ EPG

Oct 2005Sky+4.00.o
Feb 20063.4.4b
Mar 2006Sky+4.01.a
Jul 2006Sky+4.10.c
Oct 20063.5.3
Dec 2006?Sky+4.20.a
Feb 2007?Sky+5.02.f
Mar 20075.02.f
Late 2007?Sky+5.02.g
Feb 20083.6.4.18
Jun 2008Sky+5.04.d
Nov 2008Sky+5.04.e
Nov/Dec 20083.7.6
Jan 20095.10.k
May 2009?Sky+8.4.0 (Pace)
<Jun 2009?Sky+8.3.2
Sep/Oct 2009Sky+5.07.u
Jan 2010Sky+8.4.0.MultiPlatform.v3.0.0 (Not Pace)
Mar 20103.8.8
Final EPG
Jun 20103.8.8.12
Final EPG (2500N)
Jul 2010Sky+5.08.6 Final Sky+ EPG
Nov 2010Sky+9.10.14v

Some portions sourced from OldDigibox Discord.
Some portions sourced from SkyEPGInfo.